jus’ thinkin’ ‘bout stuff — Figure out what you love to do — by Steve Rigell — https://bubbblesmedia.com/figure-out-what-you-love-to-do

In Real Life — No One Has Ever Been You Before — by Steve Rigell — https://bubbblesmedia.com/no-one-has-ever-been-you-before

No one has ever been you before…
no one knows how to do you…
not even you, until you do…
of course you’re going to make mistakes.

From the Notebook:

Each of us has a calling to be ME
Who am I? That is the question…
There is so much pressure to be someone else
To fit in rather than stand out
It’s a tricky path to tread
Each one different
No one else knows how to do YOU
You don’t know how to do YOU
You must…

In Real Life — When You Dont Know — by Steve Rigell — https://bubbblesmedia.com/when-you-dont-know

From the notebook:

You will recognize this place as the place you have been avoiding.

The world, your world, can change in an instant
Your reality is more fragile than you know…

When uncertainty is what dominates your perception…
When questions abound without answers…
When answers are apparent without questions…
When doubts swirl around you…

In Real Life — The Measure of a Life — by Steve Rigell — https://bubbblesmedia.com/the-measure-of-a-life

The measure of a life within society…
is not by what you purchase and consume but by what you create and how you do it.
You are creating incessantly.
Make it your best while you’re at it.

You are constantly creating, especially in relationships. Every interaction is a creative act by everyone involved.

There are consequences rippling out into the world from every situation we find ourselves in.

Sometimes we are careless with our actions. Inconsiderate. Mean. Superior. Undignified. Childish. Churlish. Sloppy.

However good we are, we…

In Real Life — Only to Realize Later — by Steve Rigell — https://bubbblesmedia.com/only-to-realize-later

He amassed 800 pages of notes…
during his early time of working with these teachers —
only to realize later…
just two or three pages had any value.

From the notebook:

It’s a lesson we learn over and over. [Irony piled upon irony.]

We assume we know what we want…


Clearly what we want changes.

Techniques & Awarenesses — [How to sublimate the process]

Identify the urge

Give it a symbol

Symbol serves as reminder


In Real Life — Time is the Most Precious Gift — by Steve Rigell — https://bubbblesmedia.com/time-is-the-most-precious-gift

Time is the most precious gift.
When you receive it from another,
honor the gift and the giver,
for you have yourself been honored.

Once it’s gone, it cannot be regained. It cannot be touched. It can’t be seen or smelled or eaten. It can’t be hoarded or even possessed.

Yet we humans have done our best to commoditize life’s most precious resource. We measure it in minuscule increments and sell it to the…

In Real Life — An Appetite for What You Want — by Steve Rigell — https://bubbblesmedia.com/an-appetite-for-what-you-want

Appetite is what governs consumption. You may be a consumer of things — experiences, stuff, relationships — you don’t have appetites for, but it isn’t willing. In fact, it’s chilling. Burdensome. Stressful. The upside is figuring out what you don’t like. Don’t need. Don’t want. …

In Real Life — Elegance is Simplicity Subtlety and Originality — by Steve Rigell — https://bubbblesmedia.com/elegance-is-simplicity-subtlety-and-originality

Elegance is
Simplicity, subtlety, and originality expressed playfully
Elegance is what makes beauty seductive
It works with every form of beauty… play with it

Ah. To be elegant. That is the pinnacle of expression.

You want your work to be elegant. You want your play to be elegant. Your practice. Your expression. You want elegance to reflect from every action.

Elegance is magic. Elegance is the joy of beauty enhanced.

Crudeness polished away and…

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